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In our Academy, we offer qualified training for restaurant and hotel staff – a manageable investment in your business. Our experienced, certified instructor and coach provides clear instruction with plenty of variety in three courses, conveying basic knowledge on the subjects of coffee, tea, and chocolate and without skipping a single detail.


Where do coffee, tea and chocolate come from? How are they grown? How do the varieties differ? What happens during processing? What is important when preparing them? What role does the water play? What specialities are there, and what is the ideal way to serve them? Naturally, we also cover the most effective sales pitches.

One thing is certain: Anyone who receives training in our Academy, or even in the shop, will have no problem answering customers’ questions.

[TRANSLATE TO: English] Dazu ein persönliches Statement unseres Schulungsleiters:

When we look back over even just the last ten years of the coffee industry, then we as a coffee roaster and hot drinks specialist, just like you as a food or coffee connoisseur, can see how much coffee has gained in importance as a drink and as a pleasure to be enjoyed.
The words “cult” or “lifestyle” are often used, although I’m always rather careful about this.

Why? Because all too often the glossy appearance is misleading and we pay good money for what is only seldom a truly good, fresh and savoury coffee. This is not only due to the quality of the mixing and roasting, but also to the way cutting-edge coffee machines are handled and kept clean.
It is also the case that not everyone has expertise as to different coffee varieties and mixture; however, everyone knows the turnover or the gross yield that can be gained from this product.

Our training mandate is therefore patently clear: coffee as a product and its wealth of varying facets must first and foremost be understood.
Certainly everybody wants to be able to pour a heart, or a leaf, or even a teddy bear into the froth of a cappuccino these days, but if there is no understanding of the basics, namely a coffee or espresso made first of all using grains with the correct degree of grinding, adding appropriate and correctly heated water to the cup and then frothing the milk correctly, then “latte art” is the least of our concerns.

So that we understand one another, I too am a certified barista and very much respect the work of my colleagues in the catering industry, but we mustn’t try to run before we can walk!

It is important to us – for first-timers particularly, but also for “old hands” when necessary – that we lay the right foundation for the coffee product in our training sessions, on which we can then build and thus, step by step, address the relevant themes such as coffee, espresso, water and even milk.
Naturally, this is always linked and supplementary to modern coffee, grinders and even water technology. After all, we’re talking about a piece of craftsmanship!

The fact that our Alfredo range is highlighted here is down to the broad selection of widely differing espresso mixtures.

We want to ensure that coffee is understood as a food product and as a pleasure to be enjoyed; and we want your staff to sell these products as specific types with enjoyment and technical skill. That is my personal goal!

Frank Minten



Barista Espresso
Barista at work – we even have professionally trained baristas working at the Alfredo Bar of our trade fair stands.