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Personality and passion underlie Alfredo’s velvety-smooth “crema” and it will sweep true connoisseurs off their feet. With seven varieties, including the Fair Trade-certified Futuro and the caffeine-free Decaffeinato, there is something to please every espresso lover – always with the perfectly characteristic “crema” to thrill their taste buds. All varieties are suitable for every espresso machine. Alfredo Espresso’s potent appeal makes it the perfect basis for cappuccino, caffè latte and countless other specialities. Coffee should be made and served with the same love, care and skill that went into choosing, roasting and blending it. That’s the best way to let the coffee work its spell; bringing your guests the South’s convivial enjoyment of the good things in life. That’s why we will support you completely with advice and service. Afredo Espresso is offered exclusively to the catering trade.