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Adding joy the responsible way

Working for good – in society, the environment, and the economy.

As a family-owned company in the Hanseatic tradition, J.J.Darboven is oriented toward sustainability and long-term profits in the way it does business. We aim to cultivate and perpetuate the social, environmental, and economic underpinnings of our business.

In 1993, we became the first major roaster to market fairly traded coffee in Germany. In 2009, J.J.Darboven was recognised for this pioneering achievement with the Fair Trade award. The Fair Trade standards ensure that production conditions preserve human dignity and conserve the environment through guaranteed minimum pricing, awards for community projects, fixed markups for organic farming, sustainable business practices, and an absolute ban on forced and child labour.

Added to all of this is the security of long-term business relationships. Naturally, the expectations for sustainable business practices extend to downstream processing as well. J.J.Darboven works without interruption on optimising all production and logistics processes. Waste is minimised, energy is used as efficiently as possible, and all raw materials are put to optimum use.

Albert Darboven, owner and Managing director of J.J.Darboven, takes the company motto “Aus Freude am Leben” (“To add joy to your life”) absolutely seriously: “Sustainable action is the only way we will conserve the resources we need in order to ensure that we add joy to everyone’s life in our globalised society.”

Fairtrade Conference
At the 2009 International Fair Trade Conference in Berlin, J.J.Darboven was the first company in the coffee product sector to garner the FAIRTRADE award in the Business category, in recognition of its excellent work in the cause of fair trade for more than 16 years.